Problems with PMS and Menstrual Cramps? Try Apple Cider Vinegar!

PMS is an age-old problem for women but apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest and most natural forms of treatment. There are plenty of pain killers on the market to treat this ailment but they have side effects that a woman may not know about until twenty or thirty years later. Apple cider vinegar is something that a person can take without any side effects.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar Helps PMS and Cramps

This substance, when taken, balances out the hormones and chemicals that are in the body that cause the pain and the mood swings. There is a lot happening in the body during this time. Toxins that are in the body can make the pain and moodiness more intense. Apple cider vinegar removes these toxins from the body, relieving this discomfort. It doesn’t take long for this product to work. Even after having one period, taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) consistently at least once a day until the next expected period can reduce the cramps, bloating, and any other symptom that is experienced during this time.

Recommended Use of ACV

ACV should be taken three times a day to start off with but can be reduced after seven to fourteen days to once a day. If the individual finds that this is not sufficient, the dose can be increased. There should be some caution in drinking ACV. It should be taken in diluted form such as in juice or water. The acid can damage the tooth enamel if left undiluted. The teeth should be cleaned after taking the drink. The ACV should be unpasteurized to gain the full benefit.

Forms of Apple Cider Vinegar

Instead of taking the actual apple cider vinegar, there is the option to take the capsules. This is an evaporated form of the vinegar that is absorbed by the body once the capsule has been taken away by the stomach acid. Taking two with each meal, three times a day is the recommended dosage although, this can be reduced.


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